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Motorcycle Bolt Kits

Bolt Kits

Many spare parts are great to have in your personal stock. BTO Sports carries many of these replacement or spare items; one very important item would be Motorcycle Bolt Kits. Having this hardware can save rides, save on the wallet and save headaches. Bolts are one of those items on motorcycles that wear out, or can just vibrate loose.

 Motorcycle Bolt Kits

Motorcycle Bolt Kits

Depending on the bolt, this could be minimal or catastrophic failure about to occur. Missing one screw from an electrical control might not seem so bad and may not cause you to lose a riding day, but say a brake caliper bolt or a handlebar mount bolt is missing or one of the threads are worn and no longer holding torque. This is going to stop you in your tracks and hopefully the bolt does not loosen or pop out during a ride. The motorcycle bolt kits that are sold at BTO Sports range from complete bolt kits to smaller sets with just the most common bolts, such as fairing, and windscreen for the street bike bolt kits and seat, and body bolts that are in the motocross bolt kits.

The Bolt brand of motorcycle bolt kits are all made of high quality materials that are the same or similar quality as you would receive from an OEM part, and the shape and style are identical to what the factory has installed. There are also several different style items that are offered such as the Sprocket bolt kit and the rotor bolt kit. Both of these items can easily be lost due to the harsh environment and high vibration area they live in.

Importance of spare Bolt Kits

A very easy way to find at the importance of having the spares at the track is to simply look at the money that is invested in a race day. For example, the most expensive Bolt brand Motorcycle bolt kit retails for $59.95. On a typical race day, upon your early rise, you are spending copious amounts of money on fuel to get to the track, to ride your bike and get you back home. On top of that expense the gate entry fees are an average of $10 per person so let’s just say $20, then one class average entry $30. Now with that money being spent, how much of a waste would it be to find one or two critical missing bolts after practice… you be the judge.

Now the difficult question comes into play. Do you pack up and consider it a complete loss, or do you decide to race anyhow and risk further damage to your machine or failed performance which could easily, in our sport, turn into severe injury. With a motorcycle bolt kit or a sport bike bolt kit waiting for you, there is no difficult decision to make, replace the missing bolts and go have a couple of great moto’s!

Motorcycle Bolt Kits at BTO

On the BTO website you will also find a great selection of tools such as the Applied brand and Motion Pro brands of T-handle wrenches and also Bike Master, Pedro’s and Park Tools also make great quality torque wrenches to help keep all of your fasteners tightened correctly or to manufacturer’s specifications.

Remember, a tight well maintained bike provides a much safer and definitely a more fun day of riding than a broken down roach. Having the motorcycle bolt kits is just one item that can help keep you in the having fun and safe side of things!