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First Aid | Survival Kits

First Aid Kits

first aid can go hand in hand with most sports. Because they most sports are physical in nature, injury is a common part of most, whether it be a minor scrape or bump to a major laceration or worse.

 First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

For motorcycle and off-road enthusiasts a first aid kit should always be close at hand. Most tracks that a motocross rider will visit are required to have a medical crew on staff but off-road riders are usually nowhere near a medical crew let alone a hospital. It is for this reason that there are many different types of survival kits available. BTO Sports has several different styles and trail packs to carry them on their website.

The motorcycle first aid kits can be found as small as the palm of your hand that are capable of containing a small amount of bandaging materials, some mild pain killers and anti-inflammatories, clean wipes and anti-biotic ointment; really enough for one person in a pinch, a compass and whistle. Some of the larger motorcycle survival kits will contain: larger quantities of bandage material and more severe bleeding apparatus some instruments such as shears Safety pins and forceps. Some kits will come with Duct tape, water proof matches and even a safety space blanket.

First Aid and Survival Kits

I am in California where we have plenty of wonderful deserts to ride in. Years ago I became lost from my group and was in an unfamiliar area. It was the week before Christmas and the temperature was 70 degrees all day, just epic riding weather! After running out of gas in search of my party, forty minutes of pushing a 200 + pound dirt bike through the desert stopped feeling fun. So, I left it seeing as it was slowing me down and I knew the sun would be down shortly, I thought I should make haste as I was told it would get cold in the dez after the sun drops.

My hurry was not enough; soon I was in the dark barely seeing by moonlight and starting to feel the temp drop pretty rapidly. In the dark and guessing at knowing where I was, I covered some incredible distance to no avail, realizing hours later I was still very lost, very cold and without food and water. I was miraculously found at about four AM by the well trained California Rangers and am lucky to be here to tell this tale. When I was found the temp had reached 28 degrees above zero, what I would have given for a space blanket then!

Motorcycle Survival Kits and First Aid Kits

With this new knowledge for myself, I put together my motorcycle survival kit, and found the best way for myself to carry it. Now, this seems a much simpler task, first aid or motorcycle survival kits are pre-assembled and you can simply find a trail pack, hydration pack or a jacket with some storage pockets that are built in for this type of application. Most of the clothing manufacturers have some sort of trail pack or hydration pack combo, and there are several other companies that support our off-road sports such as Geigerrig, Leatt, Deuter, USWE, Ogio and American Kargo.

If you can think of 1 good reason why you should carry a trail pack with some sort of first aid kit or motorcycle survival kit, there are probably 100 times the amount of treachery that can be avoided or easily dealt with by being prepared. Pick one up today at BTOsports.com and keep yourself ready to handle the worst, better yet, be prepared to help someone else that may get seriously injured on a ride.