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Tire Repair

Although maintenance is far from the most glamorous aspects of owning a street bike, it is one all riders must eventually deal with, and the dreaded flat tire is among the most pressing aspects to be prepared for. Riding on a flat tire, even for a short distance, can ruin your rim, leading to a very expensive repair and if you are not prepared, a single nail on the street may just end up potentially ruining your entire day.

 Tire Repair Kits

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Luckily, here at BTO Sports we have a multitude of products to keep you safe on the road and to ensure a flat tire does not slow you down. Our street bike tire repair section offers products from premier manufacturers such as Slime and Genuine Innovation. We carry full on tire repair and plugger kits for more drastic situations as well as simple plugs, tire gauges, and foot pumps for smaller ones. A great part of our street bike tire repair products is that they are all quite small in size, making it easy to stay prepared without having to compromise space.

Other tire repair products include portable mini air compressors, CO2 inflators and refill packets, and LED Smart Caps. We offer affordable solutions to your inevitable flat tires, don’t let yourself regret not being prepared!

Off-road tire Repair kit

From tearing it up at the moto track, bombing some sick downhill trails, carving out some awesome canyons or hauling back a trophy buck, all these vehicles need air in the tires to make it happen. Tracks, trails, roads and fields all have one, or ten, objects and debris that will be the downfall of your tires holding the ever so precious air. Whether or not you have a tube or tubeless, there are preventatives and Motorcycle Tire Repair for what the situation calls for.

Motorcycle Tire Repair

If you have a tube type tire, the best fix is to replace the cracked or punctured tube. In some cases this is not the immediate option. Being stuck on a ride miles from any help, on the street or in the dirt having the correct fix can have you up and moving in minimal time. With a motorcycle tire repair kit you can be on your way and at least in route to a service center for the best fix. The motorcycle tire repair kits range from a very durable rubber patch with a vulcanizing acid to help the surfaces bond, to quick peel and stick which are faster and less work to use. If your machine is of a tubeless type, there are fixes for them as well. There are a few different types of hole plugs ranging from simple rubber plugs to the brown rope style.

There are different types of preventative products as well; this is sort of a predecessor to needing motorcycle tire repair kit. There are sealants such as the Slime products, Quad Boss and Ride On. They make these products specifically for tubeless and tube type applications. These products seal a small puncture from the inside out as the product begins to solidify when it hits the low pressure atmosphere. This gives your tire a window of to redeem itself and get your back to where you came from, hopefully. There are also inner tubes sold by Slime that are pre-treated with slime so they are ready to install and fill with air.

Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit

On the line of tubes, there are heavy duty tubes which are more resistant to flats than a standard thickness tube. For mountain bikers, there are also tubes that are sold that are called “thorn resistant”. There are a few different brands and thicknesses available. Also to work in conjunction with or without the thicker tubes are the “tire liners” which are exactly what they sound like, they are a shield that lines the inside of the tire on the off chance a sharp object does penetrate the tire, it will hit the liner and not rupture the tube. There are several brands out there from California Bike Gear to Mr. Tuffy all ready to help keep you on the trail.

One of the biggest keys to keeping yourself flat free is proper tire inflation. It does not matter what vehicle you are riding or driving, if the tire stability is compromised, the ride is over or lacking immensely in the “fun” category. Tire inflation keeps you properly suspended, increases traction and keeps the “TUBES FROM PINCHING ON THE RIM”, one of the top flat contributors. We have several different repair kits and tire gauges available to help you with this. Look closely at your application, there are different angles lengths and styles such as analogue or digital, standard read or traps that will hold the reading making it easier to see.

Hopefully there is no motorcycle tire repair in the future as it is sure a downer, however, in the event, better to be safe than sorry and prevent a spoiled day by keeping a tire repair kit handy.