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Motorcycle Drive

Motorcycle Drive and Motorcycle Drive Parts

It is pretty obvious that without the right motorcycle drive parts on your bike, you're not going anywhere. I'm referring to your countershaft sprocket, chain, and rear sprocket. These three essential elements are responsible for delivering power to the bike. Without them, you would be Fred Flinstone-ing your bike around town. Where's the fun in that?

 Motorcycle Drive

Not only do you need these parts, you need to keep them well maintained. That means constant monitoring of your chain as well as the teeth on your sprockets. When (not if) the teeth on your sprockets wear down, the chain can slip causing substantial loss in performance as well as dangerous riding conditions. Motorcycle drive parts are relatively cheap to replace on your bike. They are also very visible without having to remove any other parts. This being said it's both easy and wise to manage your street bike drive parts.

Motorcycle Drive

Riding a dirt bike just consist of putting gas in it and twisting a throttle, so much goes into make your bike reliable and allowing it to run to near perfection. The most important parts of your dirt bike are the ones you rarely want to deal with, the drive parts. Motorcycle drive components are the ones that get greasy, dirty, and require constant maintenance check-ups to ensure you are riding safely at your full potential. The Chain and motorcycle sprocket are one of the few things you may need to replace after a long race season, or even a couple motos.

These parts take a huge beating throughout a single race, and it is lucky if you get a full season of racing out of them. Undergoing endless amounts of tension and stress your motorcycle chain and motorcycle sprocket are going to be screaming for help eventually. An easy way to check if you need a new motorcycle sprocket is to take a look at the teeth. Whether it is the front, or rear, if the teeth are jagged, cut, damaged, rusted, or are unevenly cut from the chain, it is time to get a new one. If not replaced, you leave yourself in a very vulnerable situation as your chain could pop of as your scrubbing the triple, or stretching it out over a table top leaving you in one sticky situation. This ends one of two ways, you on the ground or you rolling away, but the chances of you rolling away from that situation are far and few. Needless to say, check your sprockets for any damages that may have happened after a weekend in the desert or a couple daily motos at the track, it will definitely be worth it!

Motorcycle Sprockets

We have sprockets that are made from some of the best companies in the world, one of which is Renthal. Renthal constructs their sprockets from Nickel Chromoly and other high grade materials to increase their resistant to wear and tear. Sprockets are one of the easiest ways to change your gear ratios and depending on which type of riding you are going to be doing highly affects the way you want to set that up. If you are going to be riding a technical track with few straightaways, poppy jumps that lead straight into 180 degree turns, then a smaller front sprocket, and a larger rear sprocket is ideal. This increases the amount of torque your bike will have and cuts down on top speed. This is method can be used inversely if you are looking for top speed, but be careful! By not sizing up right, you can counter act your gear ratios and leaving you with an empty wallet and no change in gear ratios.

Motorcycle drive components can be some of the easiest parts of your bike to replace, or one of the most challenging. From brake and clutch levers to pistons, O-rings, and countershaft sprockets the drivetrain parts are seemingly endless. The motorcycle chain is one of the most overlooked drive parts people, well overlook! That is because most think, “oh well how different can one chain be from another”, and the answer is actually very. Some are more developed to endure high levels tension that would be used by the hardcore motocross and supercross rides or MotoGp racers, while others are designed with less links for individuals who use smaller sprockets and take up less links within the chain. These various are minor, but all in all, choosing the right chain for your specific use can literally, make or break your ride.

Motorcycle Chains

The DID VX Chain is a commonly used chain amongst racers as it has strong and durable properties that bring a smoother handling than others as it is the highest value in all DID series of chains. Renthal also makes high quality motorcycle chains like the RR4 road chain. This chain is designed with SRS Ring technology that enhances the flexibility of the chain and offers a smoother operation than standard O-ring chains. Constructed from high alloy steel, the plate, pins, solid bushing, and rollers offer adequate strength. This is chain has a tensile rating over 8,000 pounds. Needless to say, this chain will handle almost anything your 900cc or below street bike or motorcycle can throw at it.

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Refine Your Search

In addition to performance enhancement, you can take the opportunity to visually enhance the look of your bike as well with these parts. Chains come in colors like black and gold, while sprockets are available in a wide spectrum of colors and designs.
As far as performance enhancement goes, you can add low-end power or top-end speed by adjusting the gearing of the sprockets. This is as easy as adding or subtracting teeth to your current sprocket count. If you install a rear sprocket with more teeth than your current sprocket, you will add low-end power. If you install a sprocket with less teeth, you increase top speed.

Changing your motorcycle drive parts at the same time is not necessary, but highly advised. This ensures even wear on the drive system. It's convenient and logical - as you will be manipulating all 3 parts when you replace one anyway.

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