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Adventure Motorcycle Helmets

Adventure Street Bike Helmets

 Looking for Adventure Motorcycle Helmets? BTO Sports has all the top motorcycle apparel and dual-sport accessories you need! Offering a variety of styles, brands, and colors, there's no need to shop anywhere else. Browse our inventory of Adventure Helmets now!

Why an Adventure Helmet?

Why Invest in an Adventure helmet you ask? For starters, these helmets are the ultimate crossover helmet that is perfect for any dual sport or adventure motorcycle rider. The wind tunnel refined shells are usually made up of a fiberglass and carbon fiber blend. Underneath the shell is a dual density EPS core that provides critical Energy management which greatly reduces energy impact forces. The typical ADV helmet has a unique visor system which contributes to industry leading enhanced peripheral vision. The visor can also block the bright light and the unique shape of the visor provides minimal lift characteristics that are normally found on other helmets in its class.

So which kind of Adventure helmet is better? Both modular motorcycle helmets and their full face cousins are great for keeping you safe and are DOT certified, although modular helmets are not typically certified according to the stricter Snell standards. However, the modular helmet is certainly road ready and safe according to the DOT. This means that the bottom line is personal preference. Are you a stickler for safety? Full face models may be better for you. Do you like to be able to make a stop without taking off your helmet? If so, try a modular motorcycle helmet. And of course the individual feel and fit will be different from helmet to helmet, whatever kind you're looking at. If you still have questions, contact BTO about modular helmets today! Our staff of experienced riders is ready to help you.


Popular Adventure Helmets


When you talk about the “Rolls Royce” of Modular Helmets, you talk about Shoei. The Shoei Hornet X2 Navigate represents the golden standard in dual sport or adventure helmets. Adventure riding really blurs the lines on what is and isn't Dual Sport, but the Hornet 2 allows you to go anywhere your bike takes you. The Hornet 2 replaced the previously successful Hornet helmet, one of the major upgrades was made to the Hornet 2 was the visor. The visor on the Hornet 2 features louvers in the peak that eliminate the resistance you would get from wind and increase of speed on the bike.

The shape of the helmet with the visor is really what makes this helmet stand out from other dual sport helmets. The shape of the mouthpiece area greatly reduces wind resitance on the helmet and helps minimize the drag, more like you would expect from a traditional street helmet. The Hornet has excellent ventilation with two brow vents and exhaust vents that allows the air to push the heat and humidty through the exhaust vents in the back of the helmet. A multi stage lower vent in the mouthpiece area allows the rider to fine tune airflow to accommodate the ever changing riding conditions.

The Shoei shield system features the CNS-2 face shield system that is 3D injection molded and offers a distortion free view. Innovative ribs on the top of the shield improve rigidity when opening and closing. The QR-N base plate system offers quick and efficient shield removal without having to remove the visor. There is a thick and more durable face-shield gasking  system, overall you won't find a better seal on a dual-sport helmet.

The liner of the Hornet X2 features the Max Dry System that quickly absorbs and dissipates sweat and moisture. The liner is replaceable and washable. The liner features the Emergency quick release system to allow emergency personnel to easily remove the cheek pads in case a rider is injured.


First off is the Icon Variant Construct Helmet. Stripped of graphics and devoid of undue flair- the Construct wanders the earth in opaque minimalism. It is purity of form amongst the flamenco masses. It is truth of materials amid the Technicolor hordes. In a world where no two helmets are created equal, the Variant Construct and its raw shell stand alone.

The Variant leads in its class in ventilation. Excessive heat build-up can result in both discomfort and distraction. Neither is a good situation. The Variants extensive venting system works at all speeds, providing necessary airflow to the helmet interior. The airflow works in conjunction with the wicking Hydra-dry liner to effectively reduce heat build-up. To top it off, the Variant has an ECE All World Standard, meets or exceeds DOT standards.

While its competitors are just re-purposed MX shells, the Icon Variant was completely designed to function as the ultimate crossover helmet. Features such as the 3D molded shield, unlike the drape-molded shield of many others, this one provides the utmost in optical clarity across its oversize eye-port. Accented with the Raiden livery, the Icon Variant is the crowning glory of any ADV rider’s kit. Stop by this Icon Variant Motorcycle Helmet page today, and see the difference for yourself!

Fly Racing

The latest in adventure helmets, the Fly Racing Trekker helmet is ideal for dual sport and adventure riding. Offering versatility of riding with a shield or goggles, the Trekker helmet has an all new crossover design combines the best of MX and street styling function to create one of the most versatile helmets on the market today. The newly re-designed shield of the Fly Racing Trekker helmet comes equipped with a new lock system to keep the shield secure at high speeds.

You will notice out on the road that he revised visor allows the shield to be fully hidden and out of the rider's line of sight when in the raised position. More airflow from the re-designed mouthpiece flows air to help keep you cool as you ride. Safety from the dual density EPS liner helps reduce shock and a new multi-position rachet face shield side plate covers for use when the visor is removed for the full street look. Airflow from 16 total vents keeps riders comfortable on rides and removable/washable helmet liner keeps your helmet fresh. With DOT/ECE approved rating, the Fly Racing Trekker helmet is ready for your motorcycle adventures.


LS2 has taken a whole new approach to full face adventure helmets. The engineers at LS2 have worked hand in hand with their riders to create the most innovative dual sport helmet on the market. The unique design of the LS2 Pioneer MX436 Element Helmet allows it to handle roads or adventure riding. It has so many great features that make it one of the best adventure motorcycle helmets.

The LS2 Pioneer Element offers riders everything they need for serious adventure riding. The Element is crafted out of their patented kinetic polymer alloy (KPA), a combination of polycarbonate and thermoplastic materials. This gives the dual sport helmet a considerable amount of protective capability, while providing puncture resistance and shock absorption. Underneath the KPA layer is a multi-density EPS layer, a foam layer that also aids in shock absorption. The LS2 Pioneer MX436 Element Helmet is well ventilated which makes this helmet great for hot weather and desert terrain. There are vents located on the chin bar, top and sides of the helmet, with an exhaust port on the back. The vents allow cool air to flow into the dual sport helmet, while the back ports allow hot air to escape. This air circulation is critical for staying comfortable on adventure rides.

LS2 adventure motorcycle helmets come equipped with a twin shield system, which includes a sun visor and shield. The sunvisor can be deployed and retracted through the use of a manual lever on the side of the helmet, great for dynamic lighting conditions.


Motorcycle riding popularity is once again surging. And when you get involved, you may very well want to opt for an Adventure Motorcycle helmet. And they’re all right here at BTO Sports. Solve your street bike needs immediately and come right over! We will get you the best street bike apparel at the best price. And why not start with a helmet… a cool new ADV helmet. Believe it!