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Half Motorcycle Helmets

Half Street Bike Helmets

 Looking for Half Motorcycle Helmets? We’ve got you covered! BTO Sports has all the top motorcycle apparel and dual-sport accessories you need! And that certainly includes all of the Adventure, Street and Half helmets you could imagine! Offering a variety of styles, brands, and colors, there's no need to shop anywhere else. Browse our inventory of Half Helmets now!

Why a Half Helmet?

Half Helmets are the lid of choice for riders who want to abide by the helmet laws but don’t want their skulls to feel constrained. Are you that rider? Then you’ll definitely want to check out our humongous collection of DOT motorcycle half helmets.

BTO Sports is quite proud to carry a large selection of half motorcycle helmets. These lids boast a very cool, almost retro look, especially the German-style helmets. Our half motorcycle helmets come in a huge variety of colors and many are adorned with amazing graphics. Although many of these lightweight and low profile half biker helmets have the look of a novelty lid, most of these Half helmets are DOT approved and will provide you with the protection you absolutely need when you’re out on the roads. We are certain that you’ll be able to find at least one lid you’ll love in our amazing collection of half motorcycle helmets.

Popular Half Helmets


The all new GM65 naked half helmet from GMAX is full of new design features that include a new tool-less quick change sun shield system, dual density EPS styro that allows for a lightweight small shell design and our sun shields are UV400 rated for 100% UV protection. They’re also D.O.T. approved thermo-plastic poly alloy shell and sport a retractable hard coated UV400 sun shields that are designed for quick and tool-less removal and replacement.

Enjoy the simple, no-spring design for raising and lowering the sun shield, knowing that each helmet includes the UV400 tinted sun shield installed from the factory and a clear UV400 shield in the box. Add to that the dual density EPS styro allows for a low profile fit while still delivering a D.O.T. certified helmet. A removable snap-in rear neck curtain for cool weather riding installs and removes quickly and easily, and these babies have premium venting that reduces heat at the top of the head! Top it off with a fully removable Coolmax comfort liner material draws moisture away from the head and dries quickly keeping you more comfortable.


Sena Half Helmets have game-changing features in a low profile and Easy-to-use package!

The Cavalry comes pre-wired and ready to go with built-in Bluetooth capabilities and controls, so users can enjoy all of the great features of Sena’s communication devices without the hassle of installing a headset. Chat with your buddies over the intercom system or take calls directly through your helmet with the built-in microphone for crystal clear conversations, and hear your music louder and clearer than ever before thanks to the built in half-helmet speakers on each side along with optional ear cups to boost the audio level while you’re out on the open road.

The technology included in this revolutionary helmet is our most up to date Bluetooth® 4.1 features, so you can keep the chitchat going, share a playlist with another riding companion, listen to FM radio, or patch in your friend over the half-helmet intercom while you’re on a phone call. The Bluetooth half-helmet does it all with top notch sound quality and Sena’s Advanced Noise Control (™) Technology at ranges of up to 900 meters (0.5 miles) for 10 hours of Talk time.


The bell Rogue helmet is one of the many helmets sold here at BTO Sports. With a great selection to choose from, there is no reason for you not to get one from us. We carry everything from motocross helmets to open face helmets and everything in between. The Bell Rogue helmet is built with a purpose to guard your face against all the elements you may encounter on your ride. Whether you are looking for a long journey across the country, an uplifting cruise through the backcountry, or you just simply ride as your main means of transportation, this Bell Rogue helmet is a great option for you. Designed with the look of a half face helmet yet has the comfort of a full face, this motorcycle helmet offers adequate rider comfort and protection.

Engineered with a lightweight composite shell and an ultra-comfortable interior you will be equipped with the perfect weapon every time you ride. Manufactured with a durable and innovative muzzle to help reduce windburn, chapped lips, and keep out the nasty bugs that ruin a perfect moment, this helmet offers adequate protection on all levels. The muzzle has a removable liner to allow for washing and adjustments, while the 3 shell has EPS sizes that will maximize comfort for various sized heads. Finalizing this awesome Bell Rogue Helmet are three features: the convenient speaker pockets, the premium stainless steel D-rings and metal Badges, and the Five-year manufacturer warranty. One last note to take into consideration is that these Bell Rogue helmets can only be shipped to countries that recognize the DOT/Snell 2010 certifications.


LS2 has taken a whole new approach to Half helmets. The engineers at LS2 have worked hand in hand with their riders to create the most innovative dual sport helmet on the market. The unique design of the LS2 Half Helmet allows it to handle roads or adventure riding. It has so many great features that make it one of the best adventure motorcycle helmets.

The DOT approved SC3 offers the best combination of features available in a low profile helmet. It starts with a low profile fiberglass shell. We've added a drop-down sun visor with a small peak to help block the rays when you're headed into the sun. A removable neck curtain keeps you warm when you need it, and can be removed and stowed easily when the temps warm up. Whether you're cruising, touring, or commuting, this is a helmet you can live with in a wide variety of conditions.


Understanding the needs of the customer is what we do! So, if you’re that biker who understands the need for head protection but hates the constraints of wearing a full helmet- get the half helmet! Or, perhaps, you live in a state where you are required by law to wear a lid. Since you probably don’t relish the thought of getting pulled over every time you sit astride your bike, you’ll need a helmet. But you definitely don’t want a cumbersome lid. Or perhaps you just want to have a half lid around for those quick trips to a buddy’s house or when you want to make a run to the store and just don’t want to wear your full helmet.

Motorcycle riding popularity is once again surging. And when you get involved, you may very well want to opt for an Adventure Half helmet. And they’re all right here at BTO Sports. Solve your street bike needs immediately and come right over! We will get you the best street bike apparel at the best price. And why not start with a helmet… a cool new half helmet. Believe it!

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