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AGV Adventure/Dual Sport Motorcycle Gear

AGV Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Gear

Are you tired of suffering from lame motorcycle helmets that don’t perform as well as you wish they would? Do you want something new, enticing, and stylish that will turn heads and wow fellow riders? You need to make a pit stop here at BTO Sports then because we have all of your adventure/dual sport motorcycle gear that you could ask for.

 AGV Adventure Gear

AGV Adventure/Dual Sport Gear

We have been supplying top riders, and athletes within the world of motocross for awhile now, and with an ever growing sport comes new advancements in gear, helmets, and apparel. We work directly with some of the top brands in our industry to bring you some of the best off-roading gear, parts, accessories, and apparel on the market, and that includes Helmets. Our line of adventure/dual sport motorcycle gear is one of the biggest on the market, but with our insanely low prices and amazing shipping, it is now doubt that we are getting ahead of our competition. We may not conquer them in every aspect of this frontier, but we definitely hold our own within the motocross and motorcycle industry.

Here at BTO Sports, we strive to bring you the top of the line adventure/dual sport motorcycle gear that we can. We start by turning acquaintances into friends, and bring in a vast inventory or dual sport motorcycle gear for you to purchase. One of these companies that we are able to bring to you is AGV. AGV makes some of the best helmets on the market and sponsor moto GP Champion Valentino Rossi, and other Moto GP riders like Jack Miller, Andrea Iannone, and Pol Esparagaro. AGV helmets also sponsors handfuls of other riders who participate in the world of Road-Racing.

AGV Adventure Gear

AGV uses state of the art technology that provides riders with a safe, comfortable, and protective helmet that enables them to have immaculate vision, ventilation and aerodynamic. The lightness of their helmets increases their comfort levels and allows the rider to last longer during races as there is less stress and weight on their neck. This may not seem like crucial aspect to professional racers, but after 25 long laps around a MotoGP circuit, you may find yourself wanting that lightweight helmet after all! AGV uses their EXTREME STANDARDS, which is a process based on authoritative studies and multiple scans that enable them to find the perfect parameters of head size to shape their helmets with.

 AGV Dual Sport Gear

This enables them, well riders technically, to have a perfect fitting AGV helmet that will keep them safely protected around the streets or the track. We here at BTO Sports want you, our customers, to feel safe, ride safe, and most importantly trust the products you purchase from us. If we can’t trust them ourselves, there is no reason to sell them to you. Obviously, in the world of motorcycles nothing is a guarantee, but we are able to mitigate injuries by taking preventive action prior to riding. This includes choosing the proper helmet for your type of riding.

AGV Dual Sport Gear

We have a great selection of AGV helmets here at BTO Sports that includes AGV adventure helmets and dual sport helmets. We have the AGV AX-8 dual sport helmets that come in multiple colors schemes to ensure you will find the one that matches your bike, or riding gear. The AX-8 helmet is derived with a motocross background which enables you to have a motocross style helmet that also incorporates a face shield. You can remove the face shield if you prefer riding with googles more, but the face shield is perfect for long rides on your dual sport motorcycle. These helmets are some of the best on the market, but they are not the only ones that we carry! Shop today at BTO Sports for new AGV adventure/dual sport gear.


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