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Arai Dual Sport Helmets

Arai Adventure Helmets

Adventure/Touring is more than just a growing segment of the motorcycle community; it is a riding lifestyle complete with unique dual sport motorcycle, specialized Adventure/Touring gear designed for the hardcore riders among us and an unlimited number of destinations to choose from.

 Arai adventure helmets

Arai Dual Sport/Adventure Helmets

Explore the places few people have ever seen, go to the places even fewer have ever been and do it all from the seat of your bike. That’s adventure! And that’s Adventure/Touring at its core. So, when you are ready to gear up and point your GPS towards the road less traveled then we invite you to check out this section of Adventure/Touring Brands. You will find all the gear needed to get your first trip started

There's a good reason the Adventure/Touring section here at BTO Sports is one of the fastest growing genres on this site!. The allure of traveling off the beaten path to locations few people have ever seen is inspirational to say the least. After logging thousands of miles and meeting adventure/touring riders from all walks of life, we feel obliged to encourage aspiring ADV riders to climb aboard and experience the adventure touring first hand. On that note we feel it would be a great idea to offer up some tips, recommendations and suggestions that will make your transition from a rider to an Adventure/Touring rider, that much easier. So, here's an adventure touring checklist that we hope will help you be prepared for the big ride.

Arai Adventure Helmets

Arai is a small, family company. They’ve had the same mission through three generations. They see riders wearing their helmets and hope that those riders know they made those helmets to the best of their capability. Built by hand, with each employee having a specific job in the building process. There are no minor parts to an Arai Helmet. They build each Arai Helmet as if they creating one for a family member. It’s truly a Family Philosophy at Arai Helmets!

Innovation in pursuit of a better riding experience. That’s the story at Arai Helmets. And here at BTO Sports, we want to maximize our customer’s riding experience, making our relationship with Arai Helmets that much stronger. They don’t make helmets that meet safety standards… they make helmets that exceed safety standards. The foundation principles of protection formulated over three generations have never been forgotten in six decades of helmet design and manufacturing.

At Arai, safety standards like Snell and DOT are the baseline, not the goal. Standards create minimum criteria, and “good enough” just isn’t at Arai Helmets. They make helmets built to withstand a world that you simply cannot duplicate in a controlled, predictable testing lab environment. That, my friends, is the Arai Difference.

Arai Dual Sport Helmets

Dual Sport Helmets perform a vast number of functions, making them the Adventure/Touring standard. These Arai Dual Sport helmets come with a visor, large chin vent and an eye port that is covered by a full-face style face shield. The extended visor serves the same purpose as a MX helmet, by allowing the rider to dip his head to protect your eyes from roost, debris and offer a reprieve from glaring sun. This style helmet is great for riding on or off-road thanks to the combination of visor and face shield, plus it offers better cold weather protection than a full-blown dirt bike helmet. Dual Sport, People! And Arai does it as well or better than anyone…

The flagship Dual Sport Helmet from Arai is the remarkable XD4. Offering three distinct configurations, allowing the user to choose which works best for their riding needs, the new XD4 is similar in appearance to the previous XD3, but greatly improved in all-around performance. The combination of the new comfort headliner, with micro-fitting 5mm peel-away temple pads, and our patent-pending FCS® cheek pad design, also with 5mm peel away layers, add a new dimension to the concept of helmet fit and customization. It takes a unique sense of commitment to continually strive to improve your product – especially when it’s already regarded as the very best.

 Arai dual sport helmets

Improving on the revolutionary XC-Ram, the CT-Z enhances the riding experience by offering the flexibility of a peak/shield combination. The CT-Z presents a major improvement: nothing short of redefining how open-face helmets can look – and protect. The most telling feature is the extended coverage in the lower jaw-cheek pad area – extending 1 3/16” forward compared to the previous model – and traditional open-face ¾ helmets. The CT-Z provides options that allow the helmet to better suit each rider’s unique requirements. But our primary objective is to build a better helmet. That means providing a measure of lower-jaw protection that’s been missing from previous open-face helmets that leave that part of the face exposed.

The XC is yet another example of Arai’s decades-long tradition of improving on what works, redefining how open-face helmets can look – and protect. The most telling feature is the extended coverage in the lower jaw-cheek pad area – extending 1 3/16” forward compared to the previous model (and traditional open-face ¾ helmets). While the look may be reminiscent of an ancient Greek warrior’s helmet, the performance is as modern as it comes. The XC provides a measure of lower-jaw protection that’s been missing from previous open-face helmets, which leave that part of the face exposed.

Arai Motorcycle Helmets

All Arai face shields have a very strong anti-scratch coating to extend the useable life of the shield. The polycarbonate material used to manufacture the shield is very strong and durable, but is not shatterproof or impervious to damage. Products such as brake fluid, degreaser, gasoline and even gasoline fumes can quickly, easily, and often invisibly weaken the shield. Take great care not to expose your shield to any chemicals.

Face shield cleaning should be done only with warm water and a micro fiber cloth. Laying a microfiber cloth, soaked in warm water, across the shield will soften the bug debris and make cleaning easier. Once cleaned, protecting the shield surfaces with an all-natural carnauba wax will not only help bead rain water but reduce the amount of dirt build up as well.

And these are just a few of the Arai Dual Sport Helmet basics! To get you fully prepared for an Adventure/Touring trip, please peruse this Arai Dual Sport Helmets section and get a feel for the items that are most critical to your particular adventure! The staff here at BTO Sports wants to help you be full prepared to hit the open road and find the satisfaction that comes with getting to your destination, and having a blast doing it.

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