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Firstgear Jackets

Firstgear has been a leader in adventure apparel and equipment for over 20 years. Their mission has always been to create innovative and well-fitting gear that will enhance the riders experience, not diminish it. The adventure market segment has seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years. Fortunately, Firstgear has an extensive catalog of adventure jackets for every type of situation imaginable. They utilize the most advanced technology and best materials to make the most versatile jackets on the market. Their high quality dual sport jackets can keep you warm when it’s cold, dry when it’s wet, or cool when it’s hot. At Firstgear, they don’t believe in bad weather, just bad gear. Whether on the open road or off the beaten path, Firstgear dual sport jackets have you covered.


 Firstgear Dual Sport Jackets


Firstgear TPG Rainier Jacket

The TPG Rainier jacket is one of the most innovative jackets in the world. It has protective armor built right into the jacket. The D30® brand armor is located on the shoulders elbows and back, all critical areas that could definitely use the extra protection. This adventure jacket protects the rider from impacts and abrasions, while also being breathable. The TPG Ranier is equipped with five exterior and five interior pockets providing riders with a lot of storage space for snacks and valuables. The dual sport jacket is also engineered with reflective piping to increase visibility on dark roads, which is always a nice safety feature to have. It is also worth mentioning that the TPG Ranier is a waterproof jacket.


Firstgear Sierra Rain Jacket

Don’t let bad weather stop you from going out for a ride. The Firstgear Sierra Rain Jacket has all the tools necessary to protect riders from the storm. This adventure jacket is 100% waterproof. While the jacket gets soaked, the riders’ clothes stay warm and dry. It even comes equipped with a hood in case the rider needs to take their helmet off. The hood can be stuffed inside the collar when not in use. In fact, the entire dual sport jacket can be stored inside its own stuff sack. It doesn’t take up much room to store when not in use, making it the perfect rain jacket for unpredictable weather. The Firstgear Sierra is made in a Hi-Viz yellow color so riders can be visible even in low light situations. This water proof jacket is great for touring, adventuring, commuting or simply running errands.


 Firstgear Sierra rain Jacket


Firstgear Adventure Mesh Jacket


The Firstgear Adventure Mesh Jacket is a great way to stay cool. The entire jacket is constructed out of 250 denier mesh fabric. This is the perfect dual sport jacket for hot rides. The mesh design allows the rider to breathe so they don’t overheat and become dehydrated. The jacket isn’t a full length sleeve, but rather a ¾ cut. The sleeve reduction helps to keep the riding cool while riding in hot terrain. The sleeves on this dual sport jacket can be zipped open for even more airflow. It is also equipped with protective plating in the shoulders and elbows that come in handy when tackling tricky or uneven terrain. This is the perfect jacket for desert riding, working hard off road or for protection on hot summer days.


Firstgear Adventure Mesh Jacket


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