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Highway 21 Adventure Gear

Highway 21 Dual Sport Gear

Looking for some new riding gear, but don’t want to pay the expensive prices that come with it? Check out the collection of adventure/dual sport gear here at BTO Sports. Highway 21 adventure gear is on sale for a great discounted price, and you can take full advantage of these prices! Don’t wait around. Grab a new pair of gloves, a new jacket, or a new pair of boots today!

 Highway 21

Highway 21 Adventure/Dual Sport Motorcycle Gear

Highway 21 is a motorcycle apparel company based out of Boise Idaho. They are inspired to deliver motorcycle riders with high quality, fairly priced motorcycle gear that is comfortable and functional. There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on brand name gear if it isn’t going to perform. Half of the time that is what people do because they think “oh such and such makes this glove so it has to be good.” In reality, sometimes all you really are buying is that name. Don’t be fooled and check out some of the Highway 21 adventure gear and dual sport gear here at BTO Sports.

Highway 21 believes in high quality craftsmanship, hard work, and defining the limits of what it takes to achieve perfection. They pride themselves on having a passion for two wheels and their enthusiasm to provide fellow riders with high quality gear that incorporates newly innovative technology. Here at BTO Sports, we have a similar mentality to provide riders with high quality motorcycle gear that will ensure safety and performance. Our sport is dangerous, but we as a rider only make it dangerous. Sure, people get hurt all the time, but most of the time it is because we are pushing our limits and surpassing thresholds that shouldn’t be surpassed. On the contrary, that’s what makes our sport so exciting and an adrenaline rush. Make sure that you are protecting yourself with the right equipment to help mitigate your chances of injury with some of the Adventure/Dual sport gear from Highway 21.

 Highway 21 motorcycle gear

Highway 21

BTO Sports has a great selection of Highway 21 motorcycle gear, adventure gear, and dual sport gear to choose from. Most of the Highway 21 gear that we have is currently on sale for 10% off! Whether it is boots, gloves, or jackets, you will find great discounted prices on all Highway 21 motorcycle gear. Some Highway 21 motorcycle gear that we have here at BTO Sports consists of the Granite Glove, the Magnum leather vest, and the RPM boot. The Granite gloves are great for cold weather riding as they are equipped with 3M 60G Thinsulate insulation and HiPora waterproof liner. They are constructed from goat leather to increase durability and comfort and have a foam reinforced palm. These are going to keep your hands warm during the cold weather ride days without sacrificing performance or comfort!

Highway 21 Motorcycle Gear

The Magnum leather vest and the RPM boots are great for summer and spring riding as the vest is lightweight, constructed from 100% genuine leather, and has 2 chest pockets. It will easily fit over your shirt or a thin jacket and the adjustable waist straps will ensure a precise fitment. Rounding off your new gear set is the RPM Boot from Highway 21. If you are looking for an inexpensive motorcycle boot, these are the way to go. They have oil-resistant, anti-slip rubber sole, HiPora Waterproof lining, and are made with 100% full grain leather. These boots are great for everyday riding and have a classic style to them that are perfect for nearly everyone. Check out the full line of Highway 21 motorcycle gear here at BTOsports.com.


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