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HJC Adventure/Dual Sport Gear

HJC Dual Sport Helmets

Check out the new HJC motorcycle helmets here at BTO Sports. We have a great line of HJC adventure helmets, and dual sport helmets to choose from. If you need any assistance in purchasing a new helmet, contact us and we will provide you will all the information you need!

 HJC Helmets

HJC Adventure/Dual Sport Helmets

HJC is one of the leaders in motorcycle helmets throughout the entire world. They began their journey in 1971 and since then have revamped the way motorcycle helmets are, and should be manufactured. With years of manufacturing experience, a team with creative, highly innovative ideas, and reasonable pricing, HJC has been able to have success in markets across the globe. One of their milestones was made back in 1992 as HJC became the number 1 helmet brand in North America.

Motorcycle riders worldwide made HJC their go to motorcycle helmet for street riding and adventure/dual sport riding. HJC is able to maintain this status by consistently testing their helmets at the HJC R&D center and the HJC wind tunnel lad. They have their own facilities to test their products for aerodynamics, ventilation, and noise so they can quickly get the results and make changes accordingly.

HJC Helmets

Advancing their line of helmets was a must some years back in 2012. The HJC helmet line was expanded as HJC introduced the RPHA 1- full face helmet. This helmet was worn by professional racers in Moto GP; Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies wore this helmet because of the features, protection, and comfortability that it offered. It was one of the lightest yet most protective helmets on the market which made it one of the best. Nowadays, HJC has a whole new line of motorcycle helmets that consist of full face helmets, half face helmets, Adventure/Dual Sport helmets, and MX helmets. Some of the HJC adventure helmets that we have here at BTO Sports are the RHPA X Factor helmet, the FG Jet helmet and the DS-X1 helmets.

 HJC Helmet

HJC Dual Sport Helmet

If you are looking for the ultimate dual sport/adventure helmet, check out the HJC DS X1 line of helmets. These helmets come in over 6 different color schemes to choose from and are priced under $200 (US Dollars). The helmet is available in a HiVis neon yellow, a multicolored grey/silver/black, and of course solid colors like black, matte black, white and silver. They are lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and are equipped with CAD technology. This helmet is designed to allow for great airflow and the SuperCool moisture wicking interior helps wick away sweat. The inside is lined with an anti-bacterial lining that is washable so you can have a fresh smelling helmet on every ride.

The shell is tested for aerodynamics along with the visor in order to optimize drag resistance and performance. The Visor is removable so if you plan on wearing this helmet on a long street ride, you can remove the visor for more aerodynamics; the face shield is also removable so you can rock your favorite pair of googles if you’d like!

Another helmet from HJC that is great for adventure/dual sport riders is the RHPA helmet. This helmet takes after the looks of a motocross helmet. There are three different models of this HJC helmet it incorporates P.I.M and CAD technology that makes the shell strong and lightweight; it also incorporates carbon fiber, aramid, fiberglass, and organic non-woven fabric to increase these properties. It is DOT and Snell rated to ensure your protection. Although these helmets are designed to mitigate head injuries, nothing is guaranteed within this sport. Helmets are made to give us extra protection while we ride, but will not prevent injuries from occurring. Ride within side your limitations, be safe of the streets, and most importantly have fun!


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