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Icon Adventure/Touring Motorcycle Gear

Icon Dual Sport Gear

Get yourself ready to rip up the roads and the dirt trails with some new Icon adventure/dual sport gear. BTO Sports has an amazing collection of Icon motorcycle gear for dual sport/adventure riding so start shopping today! Check out our inventory below.

 Icon Adventure Gear


Icon motorcycle gear is some of the best in the industry. Trusted by people in every corner of the world, Icon is one of the leaders in motorcycle gear. BTO Sports provides our customers with some of the best icon adventure/dual sport gear on the market because we want you guys to have the best selection possible. Whether you’re looking for a new jacket, backpack, helmet, or riding boot, BTO sports has you covered!

Icon is dedicated to providing motorcycle riders with the best gear possible because they understand how dangerous our sport can be. As riders and motorcycle enthusiasts themselves, Icon and their staff members go above in beyond to bring us some of the most protective gear on the market. Although purchasing this riding gear is beneficial and will help mitigate injuries, nothing is guaranteed to prevent injuries.

Icon Adventure Gear

Icon Motosports was founded back in 2002, and have prevailed ever since. They unleashed their line of high performance motorcycle gear that are specifically made to address the expectations and demands of motorcycle riders across the world “who claim the street as their hunting grounds.” Icon is a world renowned company for various reasons; we put our trust in Icon and so should you!

BTO Sports has a wide variety of icon products to choose from that range from gloves and helmets to jackets and pants. You can find all sorts of Icon adventure/dual sport gear right here at BTOsports.com. We are consistently having sales on our adventure gear, dual sport gear, and other types of motorcycle gear so make sure you check in daily to see if yours is marked at a discounted price. Some of the new Icon dual sport gear that we have is the variant deployed helmet.

Icon Dual Sport Gear

This helmet comes in two different color schemes and is made with premium quality materials. A fiberglass/Carbon Fiber shell lines the helmet to make it durable and lightweight, and the anti-lift visor reduces glare for optimal vision. There are multiple intake and exhaust ports for maximum airflow and the Molded EPS nose reduces fogging of the face shield. This helmet is equipped with much more than just that so be sure to check it out for yourself!

 Icon Dual Sport Gear

Icon Raiden Jacket

If you are looking for the ultimate dual sport jacket, check out the icon Raiden UX waterproof Jacket. This Icon dual sport/adventure jacket is available in 4 different color schemes and over 4 different sizes. You will be able to withstand almost anything the road or the trails can throw at you with this bad boy. It is equipped with D30 impact protectors in the back, shoulder, and elbows and has a 4-way stretch membrane for perfect fitment and comfort.

The elbows even have pockets that allow you to position the elbow protectors in three different positions so you can get the most protection out of your jacket. It also comes with a removable hood in case you don’t like riding with a hoody jacket; I personally don’t and I know other are in the same boat as I am. This Icon adventure/dual sport jacket is one of the most demanded adventure/dual sport jacket on the market!

Icon Motorcycle Gear

Icon adventure/dual sport gear is some of the best you can buy. Although it may be more expensive than other brands it is totally worth it! We have a great deal of Icon motorcycle gear to choose from so make sure you browse through all of our gear before checking out! Icon Adventure/dual sport gear is increasing in demand so make sure you get yours before it sells out!