Leatt Dual Sport Jackets

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Leatt makes some of the best dual sport jackets and motorcycle touring jackets on the market. They have high quality craftsmanship and made from some of the best materials to ensure comfort, durability, and protection. Check them out below.

 Leatt Dual Sport Jackets


BTO Sports has a wide variety of dual sport jackets to choose from that are made from some of the best brands in the industry. IF you are looking for lightweight summer time dual sport jackets or heavy duty winter dual sport jackets, we have you covered.

Leatt Dual Sport Jackets

Leatt was started by Dr. Chris leatt, who saw a horrific crash that involved one of his friends, a week or so after his son began racing. Starting out designed and prototyping neck braces of motocross riders, he quickly saw in a demand for this type of protection throughout the motocross community. The safety of riders needed to increase as the dangers of our sport increased as well. We are always pushing the limits by riding faster, harder, and jumping further and higher ultimately increases our chances of being injured. Leatt had major success with their neck braces and began to spring out into other lines of protective equipment for dirt bike and motorcycle riders alike.

Leatt since then has been able to develop other lines of motocross gear like knee braces, helmets, and dual sport jackets. BTO Sports offers their products because we know the importance of safety and quality assurance that dirt bike riders and racers need. We have a great selection of Leatt dual sport jackets to choose from because of that. Two of the jackets that we carry are the GPX 5.5 enduro jacket, and the GPX 4.5 X-flow jacket.

 Leatt GPX Jackets

Leatt DPX 4.5 Jacket

The GPX 4.5 dual sport jacket is a lightweight, highly ventilated motorcycle touring jacket that is perfect for all types of riding conditions. It’s lightweight and ventilation system makes it easy to wear during the warm sunny ride days, and its internal hydration system keeps your thirst quenched throughout the ride. The chest pockets have a water resistant lining which helps protect your valuables from the weather elements. Equipped with brush guard fabric protection over the elbows, this fabric helps increase the jackets durability and resistant to rips and tears when you hit the ground. This jacket also has a neck collar that is compatible with the use of neck braces to increase your protection even further.

Leatt GPX 5.5 Jacket

The GPX 5.5 Enduro jacket is a heavy duty, water resistant dual sport jacket constructed from 600D and Spandura stretch panels. This increases durability, and comfort without sacrificing performance. It too includes the zip-off arms and large zip-adjusted ventilation system for adequate airflow and the internal hydration system to keep your thirst quenched all ride long. It has a total of nine water resistant pockets to keep valuables and other item protected from the weather elements that may help reach your destination. The tailored cut for off-roading provides exceptional comfort for the rider regardless if they use body armor or not.

Check out our whole selection of Leatt dual sport jackets today and start riding in unparalleled comfort and protection. If you need any assistance with your purchase contact us immediately and we will be happy to help you.