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Sena Adventure Motorcycle Accessories

Sena Touring Motorcycle Accessories

BTO Sports has a large selection of Sena Adventure accessories and touring accessories. These accessories are made specifically to enhance your riding experience and provide you with unforgettable memories.

 Sena Touring Accessories

Sena Bluetooth Adventure accessories

Sena produces Bluetooth headsets and cameras for motorcycle riders so they are able to communicate with each other on the open road. These Sena adventure accessories come in a wide variety of makes and models so you are able to have the ultimate selection or touring accessories. Whether you are looking to capture those special moments in camera or talk with fellow riders about the amazing views, Sena makes the perfect Bluetooth headsets to enable you to do so.

BTO Sports carries these products so our customers to further enhance their riding experience and get the most out of their ride. Most of the activities that adventure riders partake in are more fun when they can experience them with friends and family. In fact, I cannot think of a riding experience that has been ruined by sharing it with other riders and my friends so give these touring accessories a gander and see what they are capable of doing for you.

Sena Adventure and Touring Accessories

Sena produces their products based upon how well they will function for motorcycle riders as they are motorcycle riders themselves. They develop their products, test them, and go back to the research lab to further refine them so customers are going to receive a high quality, fully functioning Bluetooth headset or helmet. They started back in 1998 with a passion for the open road and adventure, and with an obsession with perfection they are able to bring to you some of the best adventure touring accessories. Some of their products that we carry here at BTO Sports are the Sena 10s and 20s Bluetooth communication systems, the 10c Bluetooth headset and camera, and the Sena Cavalry half helmet to name a few.

 Sena Adventure Accessories

The 10s Bluetooth communication system is capable of connecting four helmets together so you and your friends can share all of your experiences individually or all together. The Group intercom technology allows you to connect all the helmets together and the Bluetooth talking system can reach up to a distance of 1 mile. Granted, that mile has to be in open terrain or a straight line of sight; you may experience problems in the depths of a canyon so make sure that is noted before your purchase. With this adventure accessory you will receive crystal clear audio courteous of Sena’s new high performance speakers. The voice command allows the rider to tell the system what to do without pressing toggle buttons and can easily connect to a smartphone app for the iPhone and Android.

The 20s Bluetooth helmet accessories comes with all of that with slight variations. This touring accessory is equipped with a new Bluetooth 4.0 system that allows you to get an extra half mile of communication (total of 1.5 mile distance) between riders and a multipoint Bluetooth for dual mobile phone usage. These Bluetooth adventure accessories are easy to install with their all-in-one helmet clamp kit and quick Bluetooth pairing. Along with that, this 20s Bluetooth headset has a universal intercom, so even if your riding with friends who don’t have a Sena system, you are still able to connect to their communication system.

Sena Bluetooth Helmet

The Cavalry is deemed to be the only helmet you’ll ever need. It comes with pre-wired, built-in Bluetooth capabilities so you can easily connect any of Sena’s communication systems without the hassle of installing the headset. It comes with the most up to date Bluetooth 4.1 system in it so it is compatible with the newest Sena Bluetooth headset. Even though it integrates this great technology, they do not sacrifice protection. This helmet will enhance your riding experience like never before.


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