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Suomy Helmets

Suomy Adventure/Dual Sport Helmets

Suomy motorcycle helmets, adventure/dual sport helmets, are here! Check out the great collection of Suomy helmets here at BTOsports.com. We have great sales, great prices, and great shipping on all of our gear including Suomy motorcycle helmets.

 Suomy Adventure gear

Suomy Motorcycle Helmets

Coming alive in Italy in 1997, Suomy helmets became one with the two-wheeled world of road racing. This Italian company was able to gain experience, insight, and innovations from the racing world to improve the development of their helmets. They became a partner with Ducati in 2000 to further develop their PR, communication, marketing, and of course their helmets. From getting insight from professional racers, Suomy helmets were able to better understand what aspects people look for in a helmet, and why!

This Partnership with Ducati really brought Suomy helmets to life because as the riders began using Suomy helmets, so did their fans. Then in 2003, Suomy and Max Biaggi won 3rd place in the World GP 500 series. This is Suomy highest accomplishment since their birth and ever since then they were recognized as the “cool brand”. This obviously helped spur their brand image, reputation, and of course demand in their helmets. Since then, they redesigned their helmets with new innovative technology, and sick “eye candy” graphics.

Suomy Adventure/Dual Sport Helmets

After their rise in popularity, Suomy helmets were able to expand their line of products to leathers, sportswear, technical apparel, children’s clothing and more with their launch of Suomy Planet. Along with that expansion, Suomy helmets expanded their world titles in MotoGp and motocross and quickly brought back their line of motocross helmets in 2010. They focused on helmet product and tried to hit the various styles of riding so they could essentially take of the helmet game. In 2013, they focused on bringing the world four new helmets.

These helmets focused on adventure/dual sport, and touring riders; the first was the SR Sport helmet which is a new super racing full face helmet that is for the aggressive sport rider. The next is the MX Tourer and the City Tour helmet which is designed specifically for touring riders/dual sport riders. This helmet is perfect for cruising around town and charting new cities on your maps.

 Suomy Dual Sport gear

Suomy Helmets

Here at BTO Sports we have a wide variety of SR Sport motorcycle helmets to choose from. Suomy went all out on these helmets and designed them multiple color schemes, replicated their professional rider’s helmets and just gave them an overall aggressive design. To put it simply, these helmets are sick! The SR Sport helmet is on sale for 10% off and come with highly innovative technology that makes them one of the best.

The Suomy SR Sport helmet is made with an aggressive styling for a great eye candy look that is guaranteed to turn heads and is also the lightest weight race approved helmet on the market. Suomy helmets designed this helmet with a dynamically variable resistant crush zone for insane durability and protection. Along with that, they have the advanced channeled EPS venting for optimal airflow. Give these helmets a peep when you get a chance, you won’t be disappointed.


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