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TomTom Motorcycle Navigation Systems

TomTom Motorcycle GPS

Tired of losing your way and talking the long way home? Sounds like you need to invest in a navigation system! Check out the TomTom Adventure/Touring navigation systems here at BTOsports.com.

 TomTom Motorcycle Navigation System


TomTom was founded back in 1991 and had major success early on. They grew from a Dutch-based start-up company into a world recognized leader in the navigation industry and market. They are a multi-national brand that produces products that are used all over the world and are helping people get to point A to point B as quickly as possible. The original founders of TomTom are still committed to their company and have employed over 4,500 people that are focused on developing, innovating, and redesigning their products to “help people achieve their goals”.

At first, TomTom developed software that was designed for B2B (Business to Business) mobile applications and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) in 1991. After releasing that software for PDAs, they became the market leader, and in 2002 they released their Navigation system. These navigation systems are some of the easiest to use navigation systems and are highly affordable.

TomTom Navigation System

These portable navigation systems paved the way for a new category of technology and have revolutionized the way people get around towns, cities, and even countries. You are able to use the TomTom navigation systems for motorcycle riding too! These are actually great products to take with you on your ride as they are easier to use and read then paper map, and you can mount it right on your bike so you never need to stop to take it out or look at it.

Whether you ride street bikes, Harleys, cruisers, or even adventure/dual sport motorcycles you will be able to utilize the technology that TomTom provides to the world. These navigation systems are perfect GPS motorcycle navigation devices that allow pick a path and go! The TomTom Rider 400 GPS motorcycle navigation system has equipped with top of the line features that make it user friendly, reliable, and something you will never want to go on a trip without.

TomTom Motorcycle Navigation System

The new TomTom Rider GPS is the device you will use to plan your perfect adventure by planning out which spots you want to hit on your ride, and what areas are “must see” areas that are along your route. You will avoid the traffic filled highways that are boring straightaways and find yourself living up the backcountry mountain roads and canyon twisties that will fulfill your demand for adrenaline. These navigation systems make it easy to view your route as it can switch back and forth from portrait and landscape view.

What’s cool about this navigation system is that you can share your route with your other riders and you can use the touch screen without having to remove your riding gloves. Don’t forget to utilize the hands free calling capabilities of your new TomTom Navigation system! Mounting this system has never been easier. You will mount this TomTom motorcycle GPS with the on bike charging dock and the secure RAM mounting system. This whole set up includes TomTom Rider 400 GPS, a charging bike dock and cable, and secure RAM mounting system and a USB home charger.


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