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Uclear Adventure/Touring

Staying in constant communication may not be what most people think about when going on a motorcycle ride, but it is something that should be taken into consideration. It is important to be able to communicate with fellow riders in case of emergency or just to share the moment with. Check out the UCLEAR motorcycle products here at BTO Sports.


UCLEAR Adventure Gear

UCLEAR makes and manufactures Bluetooth communication systems for off-roading, motorcycle riding and other action sports. They understand that life may tend to get in your way of making memories which is why they have developed the Bluetooth communication system that allows you to “bring life with you“. UCLEAR has developed a fully integrated system that combines noise-canceling speakers, microphones, and a small Bluetooth control that can be installed onto a helmet or headset that allows you to communicate with your friends and fellow riders throughout your ride.

The main goal with designing this product was its versatility. There are various Bluetooth headsets to choose from, but none are like UCLEAR. These Bluetooth communication headsets are able to sync up to your iPhone and other Bluetooth devices so you can listen to music, answer the phone, use a GPS system, and talk over the intercom. Outdoor activities have never been so enjoyable; grab yourself a UCLEAR Bluetooth communication system today!

UCLEAR Bluetooth Systems

BTO Sports has a great selection of Bluetooth products. UCLEAR is one of the brands that we carry so our customers can get the most out of every ride. From the AMP helmet Audio System to the Universal Remote, you will be able to communicate with friends and fellow riders with these UCLEAR Bluetooth headsets. Some of the technology that UCLEAR incorporates into their products is this mobile app called CLEARLink. CLEARLink is UCLEARS free mobile app that will connect you wirelessly to update and customize your AMP helmet communication systems.

This app will show you how to properly update and utilize your products with the interactive tutorials for all of the AMP series features. The AMP processor is one of their newest pieces of technology that is 2.5 times faster than the HBC process and transmits 10 times more data. If staying in contact with your entire group is your main concern, you are in the right place. UCLEAR utilizes the Multi-Hop technology that is their proprietary piece of technology that is incorporated into their Bluetooth headsets. This allows their systems to connect to each helmet controller to extend the intercom range and speak to lead riders outside of your line-of-sight. As the group grows larger, the range gets longer!



Some of the UCLEAR products that we carry here at BTO Sports are the Universal Remote, the off-road adventure system, and the AMP helmet audio system. The Remote is compatible with the HBC100 Plus and the HBC200 series controllers, and functions the same as the UCLEAR controller. The difference with this universal remote is that it attaches directly to your handlebars and allowing you to keep your hands on the bars at all times.

The UCLEAR off-road adventure system is a communication system for those hitting the dusty trails and mountain roads. This intercom allows four riders to connect at once and can reach up to 500 meters. It includes the 2 HBC100 plus controller units, 2 headphones, 2 USB charging cables, 2 USB adaptor/audio extension cables and 2 AC wall adaptors. This system comes with everything you need to communicate with your friends as you rip up the sand dunes, or blaze the trails. Check out all of the UCLEAR products today right here at BTOsports.com!


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