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Women's Fox Racing Socks

Fox Racing Women's Socks

Women’s socks by fox racing are some of the most comfortable socks you can buy. They will keep your toes warm and cozy during the cold winter months and have great graphic logos to keep you in style. These Fox Racing Socks for women are some of the newer socks by Fox Racing and come in various colors schemes to fit your preferred style. They are made from cotton, nylon, polyester, and Lycra fabrics to ensure comfortability, and free range of motion. These Fox Racing Women’s socks have Lycra brand fabrics integrated into their construction which gives these socks an amazing level of movement, and comfortability. Lycra uses a special weaving technique that allows the fabrics to become stronger, more flexible, and increases the comfort levels in all of the products that use this unique fabric. The Fox Racing Socks are perfect for all sporting activities, get your pair today at BTO Sports.com!