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100% Goggles

100% goggles


100% has changed the goggle game in motocross.  This company produces the stylish googles around.  100% offers more color options than any other company.  These googles will be an aesthetic addition to any rider.   Since the beginning of 100% in the 1980’s. this organization has been providing factory racing equipment for the biggest names in motocross.  100% strives to inspire a new generation of racers.  The company name is nothing without the famous tag line, “How much effort do you give…?”  100%


Moreover 100% provides riders all around the world with eye protection.  These goggles have been tested by entry level riders to professionals.  Marvin Musquin, Cooper Web, Jeremy Martin, Justin Bogle, Dean Wilson, RJ Hampshire, Jimmy DeCotis, Jarryd McNeil, and Arron Plessigner all choose 100%.  Havig so many noteable riders, 100% is a trusted brand.  These professionals trust in 100% to provide visibility and eye safety. 


100% Racecraft Goggle


The Racecraft google was designed by 100% with one goal in mind; provide champions with visibility and protection.  These goggles allow athletes to compete at maximum performance.  These goggles feature moisture, managing foam, nose guard, Anti-fog lens, 45mm silicone coated strap, pin retention system, and air ventilation system.  All of these characteristic aim to assist the rider in athletic performance. Each goggle is also supplied with a microfiber bag and a clear lens. 


100% StrataGgoggle


100% creates googles for every rider.  The company’s google line stretches from entry level to professional.  Given the experience of 100%, they sure know how to create quality products for riders.  The strata google from 100% demonstrates comfort and performance.  This empowers the rider to complete extra laps during training and gives them the drive to overcome competition.  The Strata goggle features an anti-fog lens, a simple yet effective shape design, matte and gloss finish, durable urethane frame, and retention system.


100% Accuri Goggle


The Accuri line of 100% googles is known for its unique style.  This goggle illustrates comfortability with extreme adjustability.  It also features an extra wide silicone grip strap so the riders goggles always stay in place.   The goggle is known for is comfortability featuring ant-fog performance, triple layer foam moisture system, a flexible for fitting design, and Ergonomic fit.  This goggle is also used in mountain bike environments.  Keep the elements out of your face and have confidence in visibility.  The Accuri google is the right choice for any rider who is looking to protect his/her eyes in the dirt.  100% also provides many color options and accessories. 



Essentially, 100% creates the googles that are durable, visible, and safe.  Professional riders choose 100% to protect their eyes, so should the costumers.100% does it’s best to create quality products for all riders.   Be stylish, with a plethora of color options.  Be safe, with new goggle protection technology.  Be confident, that you will always be able to see the track.  Choose 100% as your goggle today.  BTO supplies an assortment of 100% products.  Buy your 100% goggles and more from BTO sports.com today.