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Best Acerbis Chain Guide Blocks | Sliders

Top Acerbis Chain Guide Blocks | Sliders

     BTO Sports has the absolute best selection of Acerbis Chain Guides, Sliders and Blocks available on the web! Acerbis is one of the finest manufacturers of plastics around, including chain guides and sliders. Acerbis chain guide and slider kits are the perfect solution for replacing the high-wear area of your bike’s drivetrain, and they meet or exceed most OEM specifications. Acerbis chain guides, sliders and blocks are highly resistant to chain wear and tear and ensure the absolute best durability around.

     Acerbis Chain Guide Blocks are made to replace the complete OEM unit and ensure very high resistance to wear and tear from the chain, and promise the very best durability available today. They are made with a 100% PA6 polyamide construction -- a strong material with damping characteristics and great shock resistance, even in dry weather and low temperatures. Most Acerbis Chain Guide Blocks are built in two separate pieces, which allow them to be easily mounted on the bike without the hassle of removing the chain.

     The ChainGuide/Slider Kits are another excellent product by Acerbis. They are a great replacement for the standard stock swingarm mounted chain slider. They also meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Acerbis chain blocks, chain guides and chain sliders may all be purchased separately - or, like many customers choose to do, purchase the Acerbis Chain Guide/Slider Kit and save the hassle. The kit includes both the chain guide and slider and are built with the same outstanding quality that riders across the world love about Acerbis products.