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Alpinestars boost are the most comfortable and protective boot on the market.  From beginners to professionals, Alpinestars has the right boot for you. Alpinestars has specialized in protective gear since 1963.  Since then, they have protected some of the most prestigious athletes in motorsports.  They certainly possess the expertise. The development of each line of Alpinestars has undergone the same durability test by professionals.  Second to none, the tech 10 is preferred by most of these riders.  Alpinestars has several lines of boots bound to fit every rider at any skill level. 

The most prestigious boot which alpinestars produces is by far the tech 10.  The tech 10 boot is featured by professional riders all over the world.  Offering the best protection; a light boot, and several bright color options, the tech 10 is one of the most popular boots in the industry.  The tech 10 has been the premier motocross boot for years now.  Alpinestars prides the brand behind this one single product.  This iconic boot is CE certified and offers extreme protection of the ankle, shin, calf, and leg.  The tech 10 contains a replaceable sole, high impact aluminum buckle system, inner ankle brace system, and anti-slip suede.  This boot is at the top of the market.


Continuing on the most revolutionized Alpinestars, the tech 7 boot is nothing short of flawless.  The tech 7 incorporates similar features of the tech 10.  The tech 7, also CE certified, illustrates a biomechanical pivot, ankle protection, and an innovative buckle system. This boot is known to be a more anatomical performer.  This boot is also available is several stylish color combinations. 


              Alpinestars also offers a more affordable boots without sacrificing protection.  Following the big brothers (the tech 10 and tech 7) follows the tech 8, 6, 3, 2, 1, and T.  Each line, specifically designed to meet the specific needs of riders.  A robust example is the tech 8.  The tech 8 was once the top premier boot before the tech 10, however it has been re-engineered to focus on a more off-road style of riding. Introducing the new tech 8 RS, Alpinestars has out done themselves once again.  Reviving and successfully creating a protective boot with a purpose. The first noticeable difference of the tech 8 is the subtle steal toe on the outside of the boot.  The tech is indeed the industry’s leading off-road performer.  Combining the latest protection technologies with premium resources, this boot has unrivalled levels of safety.  The performance of this boot is substantial, conquering the world’s toughest tracks.  This boot also possesses a string of supercross and motocross titles.  The tech 8 is a legacy and the building platform for the tech 10. 


Essentially, Alpinestars has produced some of the best boots on the market.  This traditional motocross company has specialized in protective gear for decades.  The brand incorporates protection and durability in every single product.  The boots are a microcosm of the company’s values; protect customers, and create a durable, long lasting product.  Buy Alpinestars, you will not be disappointed. They will not be unrivaled.  Find them here at BTOsports.com.