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Looking for some great closeout deals on Fly Racing Motocross Boots? Is a new pair of great riding boots always on the list, but somehow never bought due to high prices or lack of availability? BTO Sports has some of the best available prices on top of the line Fly Racing motocross boots on the net. We are constantly adding new deals on high quality yet inexpensive riding boots to this section, so you can regularly find incredible prices on this industry favorite.

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Fly Racing Story

Established in 1998, FLY Racing began as a manufacturer of motorcycle handlebars, boots and helmets. Since then, the brand has quickly developed into one of the fastest growing power sports apparel brands in the competitive North American market. FLY Racing products are distributed in 40+ countries worldwide; and in the United States exclusively by Western Power Sports. Basically, the point is that they’re “big time”- Peter Gabriel Style.

Fly Racing is obviously one of the biggest and best manufacturers of motocross boots in the world. And as fate would have it, this brand is readily available right here in the Dirt Bike boots section more often than not! And that’s just one of the hundreds of options. You can not only find a great price on cheap riding boots, but from top brands. Like Fly Racing! The savings are constantly being passed on to our customers here at BTO Sports, because we know that value is what the customer wants most, and frankly what the customer deserves.

Fly Racing Motocross Boots

The Sector represents FLY Racing’s entry into the premium off road boot segment and is packed with the features and technology you’ve come to expect from every FLY Racing product. Key premium features include the Sector’s Torsion Control Protection System, easy-to-use positive latch buckles, and super-comfortable slip-on inner bootie system. The Sector provides an exceptional level of protection and comfort that’s designed for motocross and off road competition at the highest levels.

And the Adjustable Strap System allows for micro-adjustments by shortening or lengthening straps to accommodate rider calf/leg sizes. Breathable 3D Mesh Comfort Lining throughout the boot interior provides an extra level of comfort, while the Microfiber Upper Construction provides a high level of abrasion and water resistance. Reinforced Shin Plate with Polyurethane Ankle, Rear Heal, and Toe Box provides added protection from impacts and debris, and a Preformed Removable Foot Bed cradles and supports the heel while enhancing stability and support. Single Compound Replaceable Rubber Soles and Inner Rubber Heat Guards seal the deal on these boots, and as always- All Buckles And Straps Are Replaceable. Tremendous value here with these Fly Racing Motocross Boots!

Fly Racing Maverik Boot

Then there are the Maverik Boots from Fly Racing. Talk about tremendous value. Just like your hands, your feet are one of the most important aspects of riding a motorcycle. When you think about how often you shift gears and work the rear brake pedal you begin to realize the importance of good riding boots. FLY Maverik riding boots combine protection, durability, and value to keep you grabbing gears for years to come.

These great Fly Racing Motocross Boots feature 3D shin protection pre-shaped molded plastic adds impact protection and comfort, as well as both adjustable quick lock buckles with a solid locked in feel and an open design keeps dirt from clogging the function and 3D molded shift protection this plastic molded panel saves your boot from premature wear. Don’t miss a shift with the added grooves and texture to aid in grabbing the shift lever!

Also of note are the plastic gaiters that provide a comfortable rim around your calf while sealing the opening from debris, and steel toe guards that give that finished look and protect the front of the sole from delaminating. No more burnt plastic with this boot’s leather heat shield. Leather is long lasting and won’t melt!

Articulated rear ankle gives the subtle flexibility to bend your foot down, yet still remains supportive, and inner ankle protection made of durable and flexible plastic, this panel keeps you close to the bike with a protective shield between your foot and the elements. Race sole w/steel internal shank is laminated into the length of the sole. Steel provides the rigid strength needed during the impact and stress of motocross.

Fly Racing Boots

Best of all, you can find these Sector and Maverik boots on our Fly Racing Motocross Boots page all the time. And Fly Racing is one of the many brands we have right on sale here! When we say “cheap riding boots”, we obviously mean price and savings, and not boot quality!

So whenever the need arises for a sweet pair of motocross boots, be sure to hit up the Fly Racing boots section- you will be very glad that you did! We have the Fly Racing boots and the customer service to pair you up with the right boot at the right price. Believe it!