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Fox Flexair Gear is hands-down the best gear available. Competing with race-oriented mainstay Seven MX Gear, Fox Racing has developed their own high-end gear line that shuts down the competition. Extremely researched and developed, this gear shows that Fox Racing can compete at all levels of the motocross market, and across all demographics. Certainly there is no niche more important than the high-level moto racers that want to be as fast as possible. The Fox Flexair Libra Gear, the Fox Flexair Union Gear, and the Fox Flexair MXoN LE Gear have all been released this year as the world’s introduction to the professional gear line by Fox Racing. Although tested heavily for years, the Fox Head was not pleased with their efforts until this year with the advent of the Fox Flexair Gear. As proud as they are with their gear, they also decided to release incredible Limited Edition gear. The Fox Flexair Libra LE Gear and the Fox Flexair Union LE Gear are all examples where the Fox Head has released ultra awesome and ultra rare colorways of their most successful riding gear. Everything about this brand new gear line from Fox Racing, starts at the jersey level. The jersey is 2 ounces lighter than the famed Fox 360 Jersey. Every little bit counts in close races. In many motocross races, the difference between 1st and 5th can be a matter of seconds. This Fox Racing Jersey is the epitome of a top-performance jersey. The main body material is 94% polyester and 6% spandex. The spandex fiber in the Fox Flexair gear increases the stretch of the jersey in all directions. The general fabric also employs a moisture management fabric that quickly absorbs and spreads any moisture across the fabric for quicker drying on an already moisture-wicking polyester/spandex stretch fabric. The sides of the Fox Flexair Jersey control additional airflow through the meshed sides and strategically placed laser cut perforations that add extra airflow at all times. Fox Racing has poured many dollars in the development of this super jersey. Further decreasing weight from the jersey, the Fox Head has a sew free cuff and hem that reduces bulk. Fox Racing Pants have always set the tone for what high-performing pants should be like. The Fox Flexair Gear Pants are no different. Pants are arguably the most important part of a gear combo. These pants have a plethora of features that improve upon old features, or are brand new ideas that are now implemented by the Fox Head for the first time. The Rider Attack Position, or RAP is present in these pants, which features a quad stretch rear yoke for an entirely precise fit. The rest of the pant consists mainly of durable 4-way polyester/stretch tru-motion main body fabric for unrestricted movement when riding. Of course Fox Racing has made sure to include their famous laser cut perforations to keep you as cool as possible. Double layer and active stretch knee panels increase the fit of knee pads, and the wear and tear of knee pad usage. The Fox Flexair Gear line is chock-full of incredible specifications. Head to BTO Sports now to find the newest Fox Flexair Gear lines, and other extraordinary pieces of motocross equipment now. We have the latest and greatest selections in Fox Racing gear. Although, we also have an incredibly wide selection of sale and clearance items offered by the Fox Head as well. You cannot lose by coming to www.btosports.com for all your motocross needs.