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Fox Racing V1 Helmets

Fox Racing V1 Helmets, Best Prices and Selection on Fox Racing V1 Helmets

Fox V1 Helmets are the best entry level helmet on the market. Period. These helmets are perfect for those that want the quality and feel of a Fox Helmet without breaking the bank. Standard quality safety features are available on the get-go in these helmets and are made with the most durable parts available for the included safety features. Fox is known to cater to every category of rider in the market, and helmets are no different. This helmet would mostly be used by beginners or those that would like to have a collection of helmets in different colors, instead of just one helmet. The price is definitely right for the helmet collector. Fox V1 Helmets look just about the same as the older brother helmets V3 and V4, except that it doesn’t have the MIPS system. The V1 helmets have their own classic protection system that does the trick for the lower stroke bikes or mini bikes. There is no need for a high performance helmet when it isn’t necessary. You should pay for what you use, and if MIPS aren’t a high priority on your list, Fox V1 Helmets are perfect for you. The price point is perfect for anyone that doesn’t need the bells and whistles of MIPS, but still needs adequate protection for what they are doing. Since the beginning, Fox has paid attention to the needs and wishes of their fans and customers and have found that the Fox V1 Helmet is definitely a necessity. Fox is definitely looked at as the industry standard, based on their seniority in the industry and their years and years of experience. Fox is on the pulse and has never strayed. From the V1 Race Helmet, to the V1 Matte Black Helmet, the V1 Mako Helmet, the V1 Vandal Helmet, the V1 Camo Helmet, and the V1 Imperial Helmet, there are many options to choose from in this industry-known and respected entry-level gear helmet.

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