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Fox V2 Helmets

Best Prices and Selection on Fox Racing V2 Helmets

Fox V2 Helmets are the perfect mid-level helmets for people looking for an awesome product for an awesome price.

 Fox V2 Helmet

Fox V2 Helmets

Fox is not only the most recognizable name in motocross, but they are also well known for their dirt bike helmets. It is no wonder that Fox has stayed on the tips of people’s tongues since 1974. Their name is big because they are big on quality. Fox has never short-changed their customers with their products, and that is apparent with the Fox V2 Helmets. The Fox V2 Union LE Helmet, the Fox V2 Race Helmet, the Fox V2 Union Helmet, and the Fox V2 Vicious Helmet from 2016 are some of the most beautifully designed helmets of the year. Futuristically adorned, yet subtle, these Fox helmets are heavy on incredible design. All Fox Helmets have multiple shell sizes and EPS sizes in order to accommodate a variety of head shapes for a precise fit.

The importance on the fit of the helmet is not lost on Fox. The EPS Liner for the Fox V2 Helmets is dual density and help with different velocity impacts. An accurate fit is important for the correct usage of the helmet. Helmets were designed with them fitting on the head snugly. This maximizes the safety features of the helmet. Air flow is one of the most important aspects of a helmet. Without airflow, dirt bike riders would not be able to last as long on their rides. Two of the best technologically advances that have happened in the realm of dirt bike helmets are the air intake scoop and the air exhaust vent. These work in symphony with each other to blow out hot air and flow in cool air. The Fox V2 Helmets have a whopping 10 intake scoops and 4 exhaust vents for the most optimal airflow. This will keep your head cool, so your head can stay in the game.

Fox V2

This helmet is the best helmet that money can buy if you’re not looking for some kind of new MIPS Helmet. Fox Racing has perfected the polycarbonate composition helmet, and this is the product of the years upon years of research. A Pioneer is motocross, and consequently a pioneer in motocross helmets. 1974 was a magical year for Fox Racing. It was then that they were borne, and it was then that they focused on being the best in motocross. They’ve been around for a long time, and it’s because they have always been known for quality. Basically, you cannot lose by going with the Fox Head. Responsible, dependable, and reliable, Fox Racing has always been a company that cares about its riders.

BTO Sports has always been a major proponent of Fox Racing and their products. Head on to find the latest and greatest Fox Products on the internet. We have many Fox helmets and we are not afraid to have major sales on the most popular helmets. Check out our world-famous clearance helmet section to find some of the most incredible sales on helmets out there.

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