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Klim Balaclavas

Don't let the winter temperatures keep you from doing what you love. Check out Klim balaclavas here at BTO Sports. If you're not sure which model is best for you, just reach out to us here at BTO Sports. We are riders too and we'd love to talk gear with you.

 Klim Balaclavas

Klim Balaclavas

If you're like us, bad weather is not about to keep you from riding. You can keep your face and neck warmer and windburn free next time you hit the trail or track in the bitter cold with Klim balaclavas. Riding MX, off roading, snowmobiling, or anything else in cold conditions is far more fun with neck warmers and face masks from Klim.

Klim balaclavas are known for stopping wind and keeping you warmer, no matter how long your riding day is. That's because they are constructed with durability in mind out of premium materials that wick moisture and breathe while holding in warmth and keeping you comfortable.


Klim balaclavas are designed perfectly for riding hard in the cold. The lower half features a material called WINDSTOPPER which works just like it sounds. The upper half is made of softer, thinner material called Coolmax; this allows the top portion to breathe and stay comfortable inside your helmet and lets you keep a proper fit with your helmet, too. It also controls moisture from sweat and reduces heat, and although it is thinner, you can wear it in icy cold temperatures and stay warm. Klim balaclavas are finished with ergonomic patterning and Lycra stretch back panels to ensure they fit like a glove.


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