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Arai - Classic-V Helmet

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Arai - Classic-V Helmet

       Arai can’t get any classier with this Classic-V helmet. Not only is the helmet great to look at, but the protection is beyond protective. The vintage design will get you feeling the past and give you standing hairs. The quality and protection of a strong round smooth old school PBcLc (Peripherally Belted, complex Laminate construction) shell will withhold against intense impacts. Have faith in BTOSports, we always provide the highest quality products with fast shipping services to you! Be sure to check out other premium street helmets right here!

Classic-V Helmet Features:

  • Strong round smooth old school PBcLc (Peripherally Belted, complex Laminate construction) shell
  • Intermediate oval head shape
  • Patented hidden ventilation system allows fresh air to enter through three fore forehead channels over the head, pulling away heat while the hot air escapes through the hidden multi-stage channels in the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner and out the patented Venturi exhaust manifold
  • High tech, one piece, multi-density liner is a fundamental Arai feature
  • Molding all the EPS densities into a one piece EPS liner allows the various densities to work together during an impact allowing for a thinner and softer liner for a smaller overall helmet
  • Anti-microbial material, uses a low acidic fabric to help maintain a balanced pH level with the skin
  • Anti-microbial fabric is also odor resistant helping the helmet stay fresher longer in between cleanings
  • Faux leather stitched trim enhances the "old school" look of the Classic-V with the wide, stitched faux leather trim set in a recess channel of the shell for a clean finished look
  • Button closure goggle strap holder completes the "old school" look while also helping to keep your goggle straps from sliding up the helmet while riding
  • Meets or exceeds SNELL and DOT certifications