Michelin - Pilot Road 3 Front/Rear Tire Combo

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     Michelin - Pilot Road 3 Front/Rear Tire Combo

    Michelin goes above and beyond to give their customers the best performing motorcycle tires on the market. The Michelin - Pilot Road 3 Front/Rear Tire Combo is a leading high performance road tire that increases your handling, grip, and traction with every ride. Incorporating Michelin’s brand new technology, the Michelin - Pilot Road 3 Front/Rear Tire Combo will deliver you the all-weather performance like the 4GT tire without compromising tread life or handling. The Michelin - Pilot Road 3 Front/Rear Tire Combo is equipped with a patented innovation that has been built up over the years by the research and development team at Michelin to provide riders with an exceptional tire and enhance their riding experience from the moment they are installed on the bike. These motorcycle tires have an increase in tire tread drainage to keep you safely on the road during wet weather riding conditions, and the sipes are tested to generated optimal pressure on the edges of the sipe blade to help break through the water film. The Michelin - Pilot Road 3 Front/Rear Tire Combo integrates a two compound technology to increase the tread life and cornering grip, and their new 2 CT technology is integrated into all sizes of tires for both, front and rear tires. Enhance your riding experience every time you throw your leg over the bike with the Michelin - Pilot Road 3 Front/Rear Tire Combo, and pick up a set of these street tires today!


    Revolutionary X-Sipes technology maximizes wet traction

    • Michelin’s newest technology delivers all-weather performance without compromising tread life or handling
    • Patented innovation resulting from years of research and development 
    • Sipes increase the tread's drainage capacity
    • Sipes generate pressure at the edges of the sipe blade, which helps to break through water film

    Two compound technology combines tread life and cornering grip

    • 2CT incorporated into all tire sizes, front and rear
    • Wider soft-compound shoulders on the front tire, compared to its predecessor

    High performance and environmentally sound

    • 100% non-aromatic-oil rubber compound