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Sidi - Vertigo Boots

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    Sidi -  Vertigo Street Racing Boot

    • The new Vertigo racing boot, developed by Sidi is a perfect blend of comfort and high performance
    • The leg portion - in polyurethane - is fitted with the TECNO VR closing system patented by Sidi, to provide adjustments via a nylon thread passing through two lateral holes. Pull on the thread to wrap the boot symmetrically and snugly around the calf.
    • To loosen off, press the locking device in the direction of the arrow and widen the calf-section of the boot.
    • After putting the boot on, raise the arc-shaped handle and turn it clockwise until it snaps into place creating the close wrap effect. A maximum adjustment of 5 cm. is provided.
    • Do not turn the handle anti-clockwise.
    • On the lower outer part of the boot an air intake is fitted which can be opened or closed according to needs, by a simple pushbutton.
    • For a greater foot safety, the heel of the Vertigo model is fitted with a transparent polyurethane shell with two anti-impact shock absorbers.
    • The transparent shell has 3 mm of movement.
    • The Vertigo model is completed with a nylon shin plate to protect the shin and with a scuff pad, both replaceable.
    • The new rubber sole was created with slip-proof design.
    • Inside, the model Vertigo provides maximum comfort : the breathable sheath is treated with Teflon and fitted with air holes.
    • This fabric protection process prevents water or sweat from being absorbed. The boot dries quickly and does not collect mould.
    • The ankle area is padded inside.
    • All parts of the boot can be replaced.
    • Colors: Black, Red, White/Black and Blue.
    • Size: 4.5 - 14.5 (4.5 - 7.5, 13 - 14.5 in Black Only)